DSM IV TR, Washington, 2000] or the DSM IV TR for short has

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To enhance the alkaline condition of the slant, free exchange of air must be permitted by closing the tube cap loosely. If the tube is tightly closed, an acid reaction (caused solely by glucose fermentation) will also involve the slant. Materials Required: Culture: 24 hour typticase soy broth culture Media: Triple sugar iron agar slants Equipment: Bunsen burner Inoculating needle Test tubes Marking pen Media preparation: Triple sugar iron agar (pH 7.4): Add 3.0 gram of Beef extract,3 gram of yeast extract,15 gram of peptone,5 grams of protease peptone,10.0 grams of lactose,10.0 gram of saccharose,1.0 gram of glucose,0.2 gram of ferrous sulphate,5.0 gram of sodium chloride,0.3 gram of sodium thiosulphate,0.024 gram of phenol red and 12 gram of agar and make up to 1000ml with distilled water.

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