Key words:Canine; Flow propagation velocity; Pulmonary venous

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canada goose black friday sale The group with overt DCM exhibited restrictiveTMF, blunted systolic PVF, and reduced and late diastolic mitral annular velocities.Conclusions and Clinical Importance:Doberman Pinschers showed evidence of moderate and severe diastolic dysf unction in occult and overt DCM, respectively. Short DTE may be a useful predictor of onset of CHF or sudden death.Key words:Canine; Flow propagation velocity; Pulmonary venous flow; Tissue Doppler imaging; Transmitral flow.Idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) is a primary myocardial disease characterized by systolic dysfunction andsecondary eccentric hypertrophy of 1 or both ventricles in the absence of a definable cause, likely representing acommon expression of myocardial damage produced by a variety canada goose black friday uk of unestablished myo cardial insults orgenetic derangements.1 Doberman Pinschers present a unique opportunity for investigation of this disease due to the high incidence(up to 50%) experienced by this breed.2 The natural history of DCM is characterized by an occult phase during which there is echocardiographic orular tachyarrhythmias) evidence of cardiomyopathy but no clinical signs of disease. Progression of the diseaseleads ultimately canada goose parka outlet uk to the overt phase during which dogs experience signs of congestive heart failure (CHF)sudden death (SD). canada goose black friday sale

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